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Trekking in Nepal is definitely the best way to explore her natural beauty. The Himalayan republic of Nepal has everything to offer; nature, culture, sightseeing and adventure. Snow clad mountains, fertile plain lands, high Himalayan peaks, rhododendron forests, crystal clear lakes, narrow trails, snaking highways, exciting caves, deep gorges, supernatural waterfalls, wild Himalayan rivers, daring rock faces and other creations of nature that combined with human made culture are making Nepal the most popular destination in the world of travel. No matter whether you are an adventure seeker or a nature lover, Nepal is the place for you. Nepal offers an excellent variety of trekking options to visitors. Exploring Nepal can range from easy walking excursions, to a strenuous climb of the snowy peaks. The most rewarding way to experience Nepal's natural, and world famous attractions, is to walk through the length, breadth and onto the altitudes of the country.

Trekking in Nepal
is a big part to the ultimate Himalayan adventure, and the majority of tourists include trekking in Nepal as a part of their itinerary. Trekking has the benefit of creating a situation where the tourist comes in direct contact with the local community, giving them an intimate and friendly insight into the various cultures in Nepal.

No special degree of fitness is required, and age is no barrier, except in the area over 10000 feet altitude where extra care should be taken. Anyone with an average degree of fitness, and the spirit for adventure will enjoy the thrill of trekking in the hills of Nepal. Exploring the exotic variety of culture and scenery is what brings people back to Nepal time and again. One can walk along the trails, which are easy to follow, and have been used by the local inhabitants for centuries, or you can explore less used tracks, our Guides can define these for you.


Everest Region Trek
Everest region trekking offers you great opportunity to have unique experience. The Everest region is situated in eastern Nepal....

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Annapurna Region Trek
The Annapurna region (named for the Annapurna mountain range), to the north of Pokhara, is the most popular trekking destination in the world........
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Langtang Region Trek
The Langtang trek is another rewarding trekking destination of Nepal in both in terms of religious prospective as well as the incredible. . .
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Mustang Region Trek
Mustang region lies in the western part of Nepal and is officially the name of the district having a Tibet like region. It is accessible .....

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Dolpo Region Trek
Dolpo, celebrated as a sample of original Tibet, created by a Buddhist deity for his worshippers is also known as hidden valley. . .
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Manaslu Region Trek
Manaslu Trekking is a well-known and well-loved trekking as that provides perfect views of mountains, combination of rich cultural heritage....
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Makalu Trekking
Makalu trekking in eastern Nepal is protected by the Makalu Barun National Park and Conservation Project. Established in 1992, ....
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Kanchanjunga Trekking
Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world at 8,598m, is located in one of the most remote and beautiful areas in Nepal....
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Rolwaling Trek
Rolwaling trekking to Rolwaling Himal, west of Everest and near the Tibetan border, offers fascinating experience. The trail starts from...                                                                   
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Dear Zigmee Thanks for a fabulous time in North Sikkim, highlight of the trip were staying with Chopal and sonam lachenpa in lachen and the journey to Gurudargma (well worth the many hours in the jeep and the cold air). It wasn't hard to imagine just being over the border in

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