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Tosar Lake Trek: North Sikkim

Duration: 12 days with 11 Nights
Elevation: Max 3249 meters.
Grade: Moderate.
The Tosar Lake in North District was proposed by the Mangan Tourism Development Committee (M.T.D.C) for development of Tourism in North Sikkim. Mangan Tourism Development Committee is a registered body (N.G.O) formed to develop Eco-Tourism in the North District as per the policy of the State Government.
A recce to the Tosar lake area was jointly conducted by the representative of the TOURISM Department & Forest, Environment and Wildlife management Department, Government of Sikkim on the request of Mangan Tourism Development Committee from 19th to 25th of july 2006. The report of the recce team with the proposed route for trekking to Tosar lake and photographs of its surrounding areas with map was submitted to the Department for an official recognition of the proposed trek as requested by the M.T.D.C. As per the direction of the department, Mangan Tourism Development Committee has submitted Environment Management Plan which is enclosed here with for reference.

The Geographical area of North Sikkim is 4226 sq km. The proposed trek to Tosar Lake is located between 88’45’ North Longitude and 27’28’ to 27’30’ East Latitude.

The Mangan Ridge is an East –West running ridge that straddles the centre of North Sikkim. At the eastern end of the ridge is the Chola Range. Tosar Lake is located at the junction of the Mangan Ridge & the Chola Range. The maximum height of the ridge is about 4340 mtrs at Maram Chu. The other important peaks on the Managan Ridge are Phyakchung about 3740 mtrs, Anden peak – 3700 mtrs and Pandot Peak 2375 mtrs. The important spur is the Phodong spur running south wards from the main ridge. The Southern face of the Mangan Ridge is very steep where as the Northern face slope is gentler. The proposed trek passes through the Northern slope of the Mangan Ridge.

The Tosar Lake is located at the altitude of 4000 mtrs or 13120 ft. To the South- East of the Lake is a giant cliff/mountain over looking the Lake which is considered scared and worshipped by the local people. The outlet of the Lake flows downward North- westwards which forms the main source of Cha king Chu.

The proposed trek is to follow old traditional Yak and Cow trails in the Reserve Forest starting from Naga RF, Real RF, Meyong RF and Kaley RF with an altitude ranging from 1800 mtrs to 4000 mtrs at Tosar lake. It passes through wet temperate Foret of broad leaved species and bamboos, temperate forest of conifer & Queraus (Oak), Sub-Alpine forest of Conifer and Rhododendron and moist Alpine forest of Rhododendron mixed with Conifer and Alpine flora. The located of the trek identified are Mangan – Naga Village- Naksuk Forest (Naga RF) – Sohar-Dhe-Sohar Antsok patam Valley-Tosar Lake-Maram-Meyong Tar-Kaley Village & back. The designated camp site and route.

BASE CAMP: The base camp of the trek is at Mangan, the District Head Quarter of North Sikkim. It is about two and half hour drive from Gangtok. IT can be accessed directly from Siliguri via Singtam about five hour drive, the Government Tourist Lodge and hotels are available in and around Mangan Bazar.

You can stay in trekker's huts or in tents, on the trek. On termination, you get a chance of visiting Yoksom, and Pamayangtse and exploring the famous Buddhist Monastery. The last day is spent in Darjeeling. During this leg of the adventure we stay at the best available hotels.

Alternates: 08 days adventure with 06 days trekking upto Zongri, 4320 mtr.


Day 01 Pick up from NJP/Bagdogra/Phontsoling and drive to Gangtok. Overnight
Day 02 Gangtok to Mangan. Night halt.
Day 03

The trek begins from the road head at Naksuk, Naga RF above Naga Village which is about an hour drive from Mangan base camp. The route follows very steep path used by herds of cows through wet temperate forest of board leaved species & bamboos. The distance of 1st day trek is about 12 km.
First Camp Site: Sohar Dhe-located at Altitude of 2750M or 8036 ft.

Day 04

The second day trek passed through the Sub-Alpine forest of Conifer and Rhododendron at altitude range from 8000ft to 10500ft.
Second camp site identified is Saohar Antsok patam valley at altitude of 10496ft the literally meaning of Sohar Antsok Patam Valley in Lepcha language means the Stamping ground of Musk Deer.

Day 05 Rest and exploration of Valley.
Day 06

From Valley to up hill trek to Tosar Lake at the altitude of 13120 ft which passed through Rhododendron & Conifer forest with Alpine flora. The distance of the up hill trek is about 8 km.
The 6th camp site identified is about 1 km below Tosar Lake.

Day 07

To follow the same route back to Maram Forest, which is identified as 7th camp site at the altitude of 10660 ft.

Day 08

To trek same route upto 3rd camp site and then towards the Meyong Tar which is inside Meyong RF.
Meyong Tar at altitude of 10594 ft.

Day 09

From Meyong Tar to Kaley Village which passes through Kaley RF.
At Kaley Village out side the Reserve Forest.

Day 10 Back to Mangan base camp. Drive to Singhik night halt
Day 11 Singhik to Gangtok
Day 12 Gangtok to NJP/Bagdogra/Phontsoling




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Dear Zigmee Thanks for a fabulous time in North Sikkim, highlight of the trip were staying with Chopal and sonam lachenpa in lachen and the journey to Gurudargma (well worth the many hours in the jeep and the cold air). It wasn't hard to imagine just being over the border in

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